Room Aromas India FAQs

1) Are Room Aromas legal in India ?

Yes they are. They contain isopropyl nitrite this substance is legal in India.

2) Are Room Aromas safe to use ?

Yes they are if you use as a room odorizer and as it is instructed you should never inhale it directly from bottle or swallow it. Those who have heart problems should avoid it.

3) Where do you ship ?

We ship the orders all over India. With no shipping charge.

4) Do you accept online payments ?

Yes we accept online payment. You can use your debit card, credit card or Paytm and cash on delivery too.

5) How does Room Aromas work ?

Room Aromas helps you to stimulate the pleasure centers. It produces a strong sense of euphoria followed by relaxation and blocks pain signal produced by the brain and increase the time, intensity and relax muscles to enjoy for long duration of pleasure in the room.

6) what is room aroma ?

Room aroma are designed to be placed in the corner of a room to release a pleasant odor with aphrodisiac. They are great for a romantic night in with a partner and this is what we sale.

7) What are the most popular brands ?

The most popular brands are Rush, Reds, Amsterdam, Liquid gold, English aroma, Jungle juice and Simply pleasure.

8) Are there any handling instructions for the product you sell ?

Yes isopropyl nitrite is a highly toxic and flammable chemicals that should be handle with extreme care with careful attention to all the warning given on bottle and warning template.

9) How to use Room Aromas ?

It should be kept in room or any corner and open it and let liquid evaporate in room or required area and just a few minutes you will be in erotic mood.

10) How do I contact Room AromasIndia for distributorship ?

You can visit our distributor page or call us to gain high profit with low investment. We are looking for distributors in all major cities of India.